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Photo by Joe Piette

“Never Again” is a call to action

in the face of the aftermath of the Trump Administration, a period of history that will be remembered for its rampant political violence. On Saturday, November 7th, 2020 it became clear that Joe Biden and Kamala Harris decisively defeated President Trump and Vice President Pence. President Biden and Vice President Harris secured 306 votes in the electoral college having earned more than 80 million votes, the most of any candidates in American History. Unfortunately, the insurrection at the Capitol that left five dead, followed by 147 Members of Congress’ rejecting the results of the election, show that “Trumpism” and “American Fascism” is not going away naturally, or anytime soon.

Never Again PAC will hold these most dangerous and radical elected officials accountable by building a war chest to support ongoing rapid response efforts in 2021 and beyond. Pursuing accountability through advertising, grassroots & digital organizing in targeted members’ districts, at a time in the cycle when other political organizations have historically not spent resources, will ensure our resources will in fact go further, our message will be heard more clearly, and our targets will feel the pressure immediately.

The simple fact remains that the Republican Party has time and time again proven themselves to be unfaithful stewards of our most cherished and previously inviolable democratic principles. It is time to respond more aggressively. Never Again PAC would operate on a simple principle: Members of Congress who destabilize American democracy need to be voted out from positions of power, and we can start by holding these dangerous elected officials accountable in the off-years.

Democracy isn’t an abstract concept –– it needs and deserves faithful stewards & robust protections. This moment in history calls for unity, but there can be none without justice.

For generations people have risked everything seeking refuge on American shores to escape the very same sorts of political violence that took place at the U.S. Capitol on January 6th –– and every generation has an opportunity to make investments to protect this democracy –– it is time to do our part.

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Photo by Blink O’fanaye

Every generation has an obligation to protect our democracy. It’s time to do our part.

NEVER AGAIN PAC is an accountability project designed to persuade voters to oust Members of Congress sympathetic to “American Fascism” through targeted communication and grassroots mobilization. We provide tangible political disincentives that discourages politicians from destabilizing American Democracy.